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Topic: A random discussion about Gowers's ATP Project

Kevin Buzzard (Apr 29 2022 at 15:25):

Update: I've had a chat with Tim, the blog post has been changed again, and he'll change the pdf. That's quite enough about me; I'd be far more interested in hearing from the AI/ML people about how feasible Tim's project is.

Eric Wieser (Apr 29 2022 at 15:28):

Johan, maybe it's worth reposting your original message and renaming this thread to something else?

Johan Commelin (Apr 29 2022 at 15:43):

@Eric Wieser Good idea. Done.

Johan Commelin (Apr 29 2022 at 15:45):

Sorry, I did the moving a bit clunky. But it should be fine now. @"everyone": If you made some comment about this project that didn't have anything to do with LTE, feel free to repeat it in the new thread.

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