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Topic: ChatGPT and Fermat's Last Theorem

Lars Ericson (Dec 24 2022 at 19:12):

This may be of interest to Leaners, my apologies if not. This is OpenAI's ChatGPT confidently proposing an incorrect proof of Fermat's Last Theorem: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/larswe_chatgpt-busily-failing-the-math-qual-activity-7010622913473110017-NWNF

Henrik BΓΆving (Dec 24 2022 at 19:14):

Don't worry it takes much less to bamboozle it :D https://types.pl/web/@hargoniX/109543342669101094

Junyan Xu (Dec 25 2022 at 01:22):

Apparently, ChatGPT operates in paraconsistent logic :)

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