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Topic: bors merge failures shouldn't cause a red X

Scott Morrison (Jun 03 2021 at 00:05):

When a batch of PRs fails in bors, it currently puts a red X against all the PRs, even though it's actually just retrying them in smaller batches.

I find this quite annoying, as it makes it hard to tell which PRs actually need attention!

I opened an issue about this on the bors-ng github repo a while back, but don't appear to have had any traction.

If anyone wants to add their +1 to that issue, please do. :-) (Even more amazing if someone wants to provide a patch. I added a comment on that issue with my best guess of where to start.)

Adam Topaz (Jun 03 2021 at 00:07):

What language is this?

Bryan Gin-ge Chen (Jun 03 2021 at 00:08):

Elixir. @Gabriel Ebner has gotten a few PRs merged into bors, I think.

Gabriel Ebner (Jun 03 2021 at 07:39):

Yes, it's quite approachable. Please give it a try!

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