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Topic: on "What's next after NNG?"

Jalex Stark (May 09 2020 at 00:40):

I started this community wiki page.

If we get it into a good enough state, then it would be nice to have a linkifier such as #afterNNG or #whatsnext or #startingup.

I think @Kevin Buzzard mentioned wanting to write something like this and link it from the natural number game. Before now I've been linking people to Kevin's homepage :laughing:

Johan Commelin (May 09 2020 at 03:10):

@Jalex Stark That's a useful page. Thanks a lot for writing it. I vote for #whatsnext.

Reid Barton (May 09 2020 at 03:10):

it has at least one character in common with the URL, so should be fine :check:

Johan Commelin (May 09 2020 at 03:12):

Kenny hacked around that. So it's no longer needed (-;

Patrick Massot (May 09 2020 at 09:05):

Thanks Jalex! This webpage will unneeded very soon, when the new Lean community website will go live. But we may get ideas from there.

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