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Topic: It's a me

Tanner Swett (Jun 24 2023 at 20:16):

Hey everyone! I just joined the chat. Is there any kind of rules or intro page? (Also, is there any way to view the full stream description on the mobile site? The only part of it I can see is "For welcoming and onboarding n..."

Tanner Swett (Jun 24 2023 at 20:26):

Figured out how to view the stream description: open sidebar, tap triple-dot icon, tap "Stream settings," go to the General tab.

Riccardo Brasca (Jun 24 2023 at 20:27):

Welcome! There is nothing specific, but if you want to say why you got interested in Lean please feel free to do so! And don't hesitate to ask questions!

Tanner Swett (Jun 24 2023 at 20:34):

Thank you! I'm an amateur mathematician and I'm interested in type theory, category theory, and the like. One of the things that made Lean sound interesting was the fact that you can do metaprogramming in the same language as the ground-level stuff.

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