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This month in mathlib (Feb 2022)

February 2022 saw 501 commits to mathlib. In this post we highlight some of these contributions.

  • Model theory. This month saw a serious push to get model theory off the ground, partly leveraging work from the Flypitch project. The series of PRs PR #11089, PR #11906, PR #11789, PR #11857, PR #11928, PR #12091, and PR #12129 added a lot of material on structures, languages, elementary embeddings, and first-order formulas.

  • Algebra and number theory. There have been contributions in various directions.

    • PR #11922 adds Engel's theorem about nilpotent Lie algebras
    • PR #12213 proves that Witt vectors are a discrete valuation ring
    • PR #11780 defines the Krull topology on (infinite) Galois groups
    • PR #11727 adds the von Mangoldt function
    • PR #9370 classifies algebraically closed fields
  • Analysis.

    • The Cauchy integral formula (PR #10000, last month) unlocked elementary complex analysis, and now the applications are coming quickly. This month saw PR #11864 (the Cauchy-Goursat theorem for an annulus), PR #12095 (Liouville's theorem), and PR #12050 (the maximum modulus principle).
    • A particularly exciting application of the complex analysis work is PR #11916, Gelfand's formula for the spectral radius of an element of a Banach algebra. This is proved by considering the resolvent as a holomorphic function with values in the Banach algebra.
    • PR #12123 gives the Bochner integral with respect to a measure with density
  • Geometry: PR #12236, the culmination of a series of PRs, defines the oriented angle between vectors in an oriented two-dimensional vector space.

  • Combinatorics. The Lubell-Yamamoto-Meshalkin inequalities were added in PR #11248. With PR #4259, another entry was added to the list of 100 theorems in Lean, namely the partition theorem.