Library search #

This file defines tactics exact? and apply?, (formerly known as library_search) and a term elaborator exact?% that tries to find a lemma solving the current goal (subgoals are solved using solveByElim).

example : x < x + 1 := exact?%
example : Nat := by exact?

A "modifier" for a declaration.

  • none indicates the original declaration,
  • mp indicates that (possibly after binders) the declaration is an , and we want to consider the forward direction,
  • mpr similarly, but for the backward direction.
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    Shortcut for calling solveByElim.

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      Try applying the given lemma (with symmetry modifier) to the goal, then try to close subsequent goals using solveByElim. If solveByElim succeeds, we return [] as the list of new subgoals, otherwise the full list of subgoals.

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        Returns a lazy list of the results of applying a library lemma, then calling solveByElim on the resulting goals.

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          Run librarySearchCore on both the goal and symm applied to the goal.

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            A type synonym for our subgoal ranking algorithm.

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              Returns a tuple:

              • are there no remaining goals?
              • how many local hypotheses were used?
              • how many goals remain, negated?

              Larger values (i.e. no remaining goals, more local hypotheses, fewer remaining goals) are better.

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                Sort the incomplete results from librarySearchCore according to

                • the number of local hypotheses used (the more the better) and
                • the number of remaining subgoals (the fewer the better).
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                  def Mathlib.Tactic.LibrarySearch.librarySearch (goal : Lean.MVarId) (required : List Lean.Expr) (solveByElimDepth : optParam Nat 6) (leavePercentHeartbeats : optParam Nat 10) :

                  Try to solve the goal either by:

                  If it successfully closes the goal, returns none. Otherwise, it returns some a, where a : Array (MetavarContext × List MVarId), with an entry for each library lemma which was successfully applied, containing the metavariable context after the application, and a list of the subsidiary goals.

                  (Always succeeds, and the metavariable context stored in the monad is reverted, unless the goal was completely solved.)

                  (Note that if solveByElim solves some but not all subsidiary goals, this is not currently tracked.)

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