If the current goals are g₁ ⋯ gᵢ ⋯ gₙ, splitGoalsAndGetNth i returns (gᵢ, [g₁, ⋯, gᵢ₋₁], [gᵢ₊₁, ⋯, gₙ]).

If reverse is passed as true, the i-th goal is picked by counting backwards. For instance, splitGoalsAndGetNth 1 true puts the last goal in the first component of the returned term.

Instances For

    pick_goal n will move the n-th goal to the front.

    pick_goal -n will move the n-th goal (counting from the bottom) to the front.

    See also Tactic.rotate_goals, which moves goals from the front to the back and vice-versa.

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      swap is a shortcut for pick_goal 2, which interchanges the 1st and 2nd goals.

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        on_goal n => tacSeq creates a block scope for the n-th goal and tries the sequence of tactics tacSeq on it.

        on_goal -n => tacSeq does the same, but the n-th goal is chosen by counting from the bottom.

        The goal is not required to be solved and any resulting subgoals are inserted back into the list of goals, replacing the chosen goal.

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