Maps declaration names to α.

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    Look up a value in the given extension in the environment.

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      def Lean.NameMapExtension.add {M : TypeType} {α : Type} [Monad M] [Lean.MonadEnv M] [Lean.MonadError M] (ext : Lean.NameMapExtension α) (k : Lean.Name) (v : α) :

      Add the given k,v pair to the NameMapExtension.

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        Registers a new extension with the given name and type.

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          • name : Lean.Name

            The name of the attribute

          • ref : Lean.Name

            The declaration which creates the attribute

          • descr : String

            The description of the attribute

          • This function is called when the attribute is applied. It should produce a value of type α from the given attribute syntax.

          The inputs to registerNameMapAttribute.

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            Similar to registerParametricAttribute except that attributes do not have to be assigned in the same file as the declaration.

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