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Topic: Bracket Pair colours

Eric Rodriguez (Sep 29 2021 at 15:46):

I'm sure many people here use bracket pair colourisation; it's now a core VSCode feature with much improved performance (and hopefully also much improved lack of bugs!)

Eric Rodriguez (Sep 29 2021 at 15:47):

(also, the article is really interesting about how they tried to optimise the feature and its algorithmics)

Gabriel Ebner (Sep 29 2021 at 15:50):

I was surprised to see a familiar face on the article: @Henning Dieterichs also rewrote the abbreviations expander in our vscode extension.

Riccardo Brasca (Sep 29 2021 at 16:06):

And it finally works over SSH!!

Sebastian Ullrich (Sep 29 2021 at 16:33):

He's a former student of ours :) https://pp.ipd.kit.edu/publication.php?id=dieterichs21masterarbeit

Bryan Gin-ge Chen (Sep 29 2021 at 16:36):

(We should add masters theses like this to our papers page!)

Kevin Buzzard (Sep 29 2021 at 16:53):

We might want to distinguish published papers from unpublished MSc theses? Not sure. I have supervised a few MSc theses which do cool Lean stuff (e.g. define group cohomology in Lean)

Eric Rodriguez (Sep 29 2021 at 22:12):

image.png turns out this feature still has some lean-specific errors ;b (also section ... end don't match)

Henning Dieterichs (Sep 30 2021 at 15:48):

Identifier-based bracket pairs are a known issue and will be supported soon!

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