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Topic: Cauchy product theorem

Kenny Lau (Apr 27 2018 at 12:19):

doesn't seem to be in Lean

Johan Commelin (Apr 27 2018 at 12:20):

What is the statement, and should this be in #maths ?
(My topic on the five lemma should have been in #maths...)

Kenny Lau (Apr 27 2018 at 13:57):

If sum a_n is absolutely convergent to a, and sum b_n absolutely convergent to b, then sum sum (a_j b_{n-j}) is absolutely convergent to ab

Chris Hughes (Apr 27 2018 at 15:37):

I proved it, but haven't PRed yet.

Kenny Lau (Apr 27 2018 at 15:37):

what happened to your other PR's?

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