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Topic: Cleaning caches

Yaël Dillies (Oct 02 2021 at 09:04):

Is there a proper way to get rid of outdated caches on one's machine? I can delete them all but I wondered whether there was a more civilized way.

Yaël Dillies (Oct 02 2021 at 10:08):

Here are mathlib's caches on my computer. I took the picture using WinDirStat. 14GB!

Scott Morrison (Oct 02 2021 at 10:21):

Delete ~/.mathlib whenever you like.

Kevin Buzzard (Oct 02 2021 at 11:08):

leanproject get-cache will just happily redownload any which you find that you need again (eg caches of mathlib commits used in other projects).

A warning though -- you might also have a bunch of old lean binaries for old versions of lean (eg I still have nightlies from 2018 on my machine) and here it's more complicated -- there are two directories to delete per cache IIRC and I think elan gets quite confused if you only delete one of them

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