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Topic: Installing lean2 on Windows 10

Thomas Eckl (Aug 23 2018 at 17:24):

I would like to work with the HoTT library of Lean2, so I tried to install lean2 on Windows 10 machines (a laptop and a Surface Pro3) following the instructions at https://github.com/leanprover/lean2/blob/master/doc/make/msys2.md, and I failed several times at the same stage when running the ninja command. Below I copied just the last log-message of several very similar ones. Any idea what to do?

[7/223] Building CXX object util/lp/CMakeFiles/lp.dir/lar_core_solver_instances.cpp.obj
FAILED: util/lp/CMakeFiles/lp.dir/lar_core_solver_instances.cpp.obj
C:\msys64\mingw64\bin\g++.exe -IC:/msys64/mingw64/include -IC:/lean2/src -I. -Wall -Wextra -std=c++11 -D LEAN_WINDOWS -D LEAN_WIN_STACK_SIZE=104857600 -D_GLIBCXX_USE_CXX11_ABI=0 -D LEAN_MULTI_THREAD -D LEAN_AUTO_THREAD_FINALIZATION -DLEAN_BUILD_TYPE="Release" -D LEAN_TRACK_MEMORY -O3 -DNDEBUG -MD -MT util/lp/CMakeFiles/lp.dir/lar_core_solver_instances.cpp.obj -MF util\lp\CMakeFiles\lp.dir\lar_core_solver_instances.cpp.obj.d -o util/lp/CMakeFiles/lp.dir/lar_core_solver_instances.cpp.obj -c C:/lean2/src/util/lp/lar_core_solver_instances.cpp
In file included from C:/lean2/src/util/lp/static_matrix.h:15,,
from C:/lean2/src/util/lp/lp_core_solver_base.h:14,
from C:/lean2/src/util/lp/lar_core_solver.h:11,
from C:/lean2/src/util/lp/lar_core_solver.cpp:15,
from C:/lean2/src/util/lp/lar_core_solver_instances.cpp:12:
In member function 'unsigned int* lean::permutation_matrix<T, X>::values() const':
C:/lean2/src/util/lp/permutation_matrix.h:126:44: error: cannot convert 'const std::vector<unsigned int, std::allocator<unsigned int> >' to 'unsigned int*' in return unsigned * values() const { return m_permutation; }
ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.

Thomas Eckl (Aug 29 2018 at 21:11):

Digging out my c++ -knowledge (probably not a bad idea when using lean) I realized that the problem in the file permutation.h was that a pointer to m_permutation and not m_permutation itself should be returned. Since m_permutation is a vector, changing m_permutation to m_permutation.data() in the incriminated line will do.

Andrew Ashworth (Aug 29 2018 at 23:32):

I'm glad you were able to solve this problem. I'm afraid your topic didn't get much attention because very few people in this chat are interested in Lean 2 and HoTT. Even more so now that Lean 4 is on the horizon. You might be interested in https://github.com/gebner/hott3.

Floris van Doorn (Aug 30 2018 at 08:28):

I'm not active on Zulip, so I didn't see this message earlier, but if you make a pull request for Lean 2 with the fix, I'm happy to merge it.

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