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Topic: Is automatic crash reporting a thing?

Mark Andrew Gerads (Oct 11 2022 at 08:33):

Sometimes, the Lean server crashes.
E.g. image.png image.png
I was wondering if automatic crash reports happen, if I could enable them if they are opt-in, and how I could report such crashes in a helpful way to reduce Lean 3 Server crashes.
I also wonder if maybe Lean 3 Server crashes will never be fixed because the effort should be made towards the Lean 4 Server instead of an obsolete Lean 3 Server.

Alex J. Best (Oct 11 2022 at 08:47):

There is no automatic crash reporting. You can manually report crashes if you can reproduce them and make an #mwe on the lean 3 GitHub issues though.
But as you correctly observe a lot of development effort is lean 4 focussed so if a crash is hard to fix and easy to work around it may go unfixed. It's always worth reporting though (and checking that lean 4 doesn't crash in the same situation!)

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