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Topic: Joint maths/CS positions tenure track positions at the ANU

Scott Morrison (Apr 04 2019 at 06:30):

There’s a lot of enthusiasm for advertising joint positions between the mathematics and computer science departments here at the Australian National University. There will probably be both tenure-track positions and possibly a senior level hire. If anyone is interested, or knows someone who is interested, please let me know and I’ll both mention their names in the process, and make sure they see the ads (when they are up, not yet!)

Scott Morrison (Apr 04 2019 at 06:31):

I’d love to see some interactive theorem provers apply! :-)

Simon Hudon (Apr 04 2019 at 11:59):

I'd love to hear more, please!

Edward Ayers (Apr 04 2019 at 12:31):

I am interested too.

Patrick Massot (Apr 04 2019 at 14:48):

I also vote for hiring Simon and Ed! Provided of course that they promise to continue to help up on Zulip during European daytime.

Kevin Buzzard (Apr 04 2019 at 19:00):

When I was a post-doc in Berkeley I became completely nocturnal, so it could happen

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