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Topic: Lean people to follow on twitter?

Andre Popovitch (Jan 23 2022 at 00:42):

I'm looking for proof assistant/dependent types/fp people to follow on twitter, does anyone have any suggestions? if you tweet about these things please include yourself!

Jason Rute (Jan 23 2022 at 04:13):

I’m not a twitter person, but I know of some accounts. (You will have to Google for the handles and double check my spelling.)

  • Andrej Bauer
  • Talia Ringer
  • Leo de Moura
  • Xena Project (Kevin Buzzard)
    Also here are some machine learning for theorem proving folks depending on your interests:

  • Jesse Michael Han

  • Stan Polu
  • Christian Szegedy
  • Markus Rabe
  • Yuhuai Tony Wu

Andre Popovitch (Jan 24 2022 at 23:46):


Chris B (Jan 25 2022 at 00:05):

Sebastian is on twitter as well: derKha

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