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Topic: PR spam

Eric Rodriguez (Nov 24 2021 at 21:04):

I'm currently spamming the PR queue with little lemmas; at the moment, my goal is to get my proof of ɸₙ(1) = 1 for n not a prime power (see here for an effectively sorry-free version). I think this has been said to be the correct approach to lemmas like this; however, I still feel like it's so many PRs. Should I keep going like this, or wait till some of my current ones are merged before carrying on?

Anne Baanen (Nov 24 2021 at 22:06):

As a reviewer, I greatly prefer many standalone PRs over one do-everything PR. It should also be nicer for other PRs, since reviewers can do a couple of your PRs and then focus on other contributors'. The main cost in my experience is that long dependency chains will tend take a couple of weeks to get through the system, so you might need to be more patient.

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