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Johan Commelin (Dec 07 2019 at 17:28):

For the Parisian mathematicians (@Patrick Massot @Antoine Chambert-Loir, maybe others?) I just got an announcement for an event. @Assia Mahboubi is one of the speakers.
Here is a copy of the announcement:

Paris, December, 18-19 2019

Campus Lourcine, Bâtiment 2,Salle 02-Gérard Lyon-Caen. 1, rue de la Glacière (RER : Port Royal; Metro, ligne 7 : Les Gobelins; Metro, ligne 6 : Glacière)

     *Mercredi 18 décembre 2019*

     9h30-10h45: Ursula Martin, What can studies of crowdsourcing tell us about mathematical practice?

     10h45-11h: Coffe Break

     11h-12h15: Gilles Dowek: The absoluity of logical truth challenged by proof formalization.

     12h15- 14h00: Lunch

     14h00-15h15: Gisele Secco, Diagrams and Programs in the First Proof of the Four-Color Theorem

     15h15-16h30: Raymond Turner, Some Instances of Abstraction in Mathematics and Computer Science

     16h30-16h45:  Coffe Break

     16h45-18h30: Table Ronde What can be formalized? with contributions from: Simone Martini, Baptiste Mélès, Maël Pégny, Maté Szabo

     *Jeudi 19 décembre 2019*

     9h30-10h45: Cliff Jones, Formalisation and Proof in Computing: A Personal View

     10h45-11h00: Coffe Break

     11h00-12h15: Giuseppe Primiero, Value-sensitive co-design for resilient software systems

     12h15- 14h00: Lunch

     14h00-15h15: Assia Mahboubi, Verified Computations in Mathematical Proofs

     15h15-15h30: Coffe Break

     15h30-16h45: Alberto Naibo, Formalizing constructions and proofs in Euclid's geometry

    16h45-18h: Cyrille Imbert, Vincent Ardourel, Program verification in the empirical science: formal methods for all?

Patrick Massot (Dec 07 2019 at 17:51):

Thanks! I'm not sure I'll have time for more philosophy, but I'll think about it.

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