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Topic: lean-3.39.1 branch not updating

Joseph Myers (Feb 17 2022 at 12:04):

Whatever process updates the lean-3.39.1 branch of mathlib hasn't updated it for any of the commits to master in the past day.

Gabriel Ebner (Feb 17 2022 at 12:06):

Thanks for noticing! I've restarted the workflow.

Riccardo Brasca (Apr 21 2022 at 12:59):

I think this happened again (I don't know what "this" is, but leanproject up is not working).

Johan Commelin (Apr 21 2022 at 13:04):

cc @Gabriel Ebner

Bryan Gin-ge Chen (Apr 21 2022 at 13:11):

I've re-enabled the workflows. For future reference, if this happens again, any maintainer can head to https://github.com/leanprover-community/azure-scripts/actions and click on each workflow with a warning icon next to it and re-enable it manually.

Riccardo Brasca (Apr 21 2022 at 13:13):


Bryan Gin-ge Chen (Apr 21 2022 at 13:14):

I've also just manually re-run the last workflow here so that we don't have to wait another half hour or so for it to be retriggered.

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