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Topic: reverting commits

Reid Barton (May 17 2020 at 11:29):

When reverting commits, is there an established format for the commit message first line, or do we just use the one produced by git?

Pedro Minicz (May 18 2020 at 16:15):

I'd recommend squashing those commits before a pull request if that is the case. But the desired is probably to undo something already in the main repo, unfortunately I am unfamiliar with the conventions used here.

Johan Commelin (May 18 2020 at 16:50):

I think that whatever git produces is fine. And if you want to add details for why you are reverting, feel free to add.

Johan Commelin (May 18 2020 at 16:50):

Anyway, IIRC the revert-commit is now already merged into master (-;

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