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Topic: sigma, subtype, custom structure

Sean Leather (Sep 06 2018 at 11:26):

On #316, there are the following comments:

@Scott Morrison:

The first is that this may encourage us to overuse sigma types and subtypes at the expense of bespoke structures.

@Reid Barton:

But somehow a bare sigma feels so low-level. Would it make any sense to replace it with a generic bundled structure? I guess it's basically the same thing...

I bring this up here because it is off-topic for that particular issue but is still an issue that I've wondered about myself.

In my finmap work, I've been using sigma as a singleton mapping between a key and value used in association lists and finmap itself. This is partly because it's already done in hash_map and partly because it's just the right type for the job. As far as the library goes, it works perfectly.

But in usage, it means that whatever I insert, I must use sigma instead of a custom structure. I then end up defining a type that is defeq sigma. I'd rather use a custom structure that then provides the appropriate interface used by the library. But I'm not sure if this is desirable or how best to do it. I can think of possibly using a type class or an equivalence.

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