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Topic: simplify bricks with function.injective

Kenny Lau (Sep 10 2018 at 06:35):

example (α β) (f : α  β) (H : function.injective f) : false :=
by simp [function.injective] at H


[simplify] iff: function.injective f
[simplify] eq: function.injective f
[simplify] eq: f
[simplify] eq: function.injective
109. [simplify.rewrite] [function.injective.equations._eqn_1]: function.injective f ==> ∀ ⦃a₁ a₂ : α⦄, f a₁ = f a₂ → a₁ = a₂
[simplify] eq: f a₁ = f a₂ → a₁ = a₂
[simplify] eq: f a₁ = f a₂
[simplify] eq: f a₁
[simplify] eq: a₁
[simplify] eq: f
[simplify] eq: f a₂
[simplify] eq: a₂
[simplify] eq: f
[simplify] eq: eq
111. [simplify.rewrite_failure] fail to match 'ite_eq_ff_distrib':
f a₁ = f a₂
ite ?x_0 ?x_2 ?x_3 = ff

ad nauseam

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