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Oh hello world. I've been around for a little while right. This is such an awesome place. Anyway I'm a high school student (grade 12, about to enter college) and I'm interested in computer stuff. I've been writing code since 2014 (when I was in grade 6) and I was interested in formal verification when I was in grade 8. I frantically read about stuff like Coq, HOL Light and whatnot but I wasn't really mathematically mature back then. I had a vague feeling that a proof is equivalent to a computer program but I didn't know that this is called the Curry–Howard correspondence :joy: Now I think I'm comfortable with basic math concepts. I hope that I'll become proficient in Lean and formalize things I find interesting.

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I'm not formally trained in mathematics so most of the things I say are probably dumb, please don't bite this newcomer LOL

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