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Topic: Induction on Dependent Pairs

Calvin Lee (Jan 23 2021 at 00:14):

I'm trying to write a function that will generate all elements of Fin n for any n. To do that I wrote a helper inductive function on Fin n that would return all the elements of Fin n below a certain value. However, even though the first element of the pair decreases, lean cannot prove termination. Is there anything I can do to remedy this? This is the failing function

theorem Nat.ltSucc : (n : Nat) -> Less n (Nat.succ n)
  | 0               => rfl
  | n'@(Nat.succ n) => ltSucc n

def allBelow {n : Nat} : (x : Fin n) -> List (Fin n)
  | x@0, _ => [x]
  | x@Nat.succ m, lt => x :: allBelow m, Nat.ltTrans (Nat.ltSucc m) lt

I'm using lean 4 nightly and the specific error is

error: fail to show termination for
with errors
structural recursion cannot be used

well founded recursion has not been implemented yet

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