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Topic: Introducing myself: Martin C. Martin

Martin C. Martin (Dec 05 2023 at 22:57):

Hi, I'm a retired software engineer who took more math classes in undergrad then needed, because I enjoyed them and did well in them. Now I'm hoping to contribute to mathlib, and perhaps eventually, use AI to actually contribute to math research (but don't hold your breath).

I'd like write access to the mathlib git repository, please.

Patrick Massot (Dec 05 2023 at 22:58):

What kind of mathematics do you hope to contribute first?

Martin C. Martin (Dec 05 2023 at 23:01):

You mean to mathlib, or my AI project? The AI project is too far off, I don't have a topic yet. For mathlib, I want to move Module.ofCore into its own MinimalAxioms file, and rename it ofMinimalAxioms. This was discussed in another thread.

Johan Commelin (Dec 06 2023 at 08:30):

@Martin C. Martin can you please tell us your github username?

Yaël Dillies (Dec 06 2023 at 08:55):

martincmartin, from the Zulip profile.

Johan Commelin (Dec 06 2023 at 08:59):

@Martin C. Martin voila: https://github.com/leanprover-community/mathlib4/invitations

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