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Topic: Introduction - Steven Clontz

Steven Clontz (Nov 16 2023 at 23:00):

Hi all, I'm Steven Clontz. My academic/research background is in general and set-theoretic topology, and I have a previous life as co-owner/operator of a tiny (now defunct) SaaS startup. These days my professional interests are steering towards cyberinfastructure for mathematics and STEM education research and practice, see this and that and another thing for a couple relevant projects I'm involved with.

My spring sabbatical in part aims to finally dig into formalized mathematics. I just beat the natural number game over the past day or so - is there a call to action for where I should start exploring next?

Steven Clontz (Nov 16 2023 at 23:10):

Trying https://gitpod.io/#/https://github.com/leanprover-community/mathematics_in_lean now (is there a GitHub Codespaces alternative?)

Johan Commelin (Nov 17 2023 at 06:56):

Welcome! And yes, that's indeed a good follow-up.

Johan Commelin (Nov 17 2023 at 06:56):

See also https://leanprover-community.github.io/learn.html

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