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Topic: LaTeX and lstlean

Heather Macbeth (Sep 12 2020 at 16:55):

I'm trying to follow the directions for lstlean here, and specifically the direction
"include lstlean.tex in the same directory as your Latex source". Can someone help me figure out exactly where this should be?

Heather Macbeth (Sep 12 2020 at 16:56):

FWIW, the path for my listings package seems to be texlive/2020/texmf-dist/tex/latex/listings (I'm running texlive on osx if it matters)

Heather Macbeth (Sep 12 2020 at 16:57):

and any of the levels in that hierarchy seem like equally plausible places for the lstlean.tex to live :)

Johan Commelin (Sep 12 2020 at 16:57):

No, I think they mean that you should put it next to my_paper.tex

Heather Macbeth (Sep 12 2020 at 16:57):

Oh! I see :)

Sebastien Gouezel (Sep 12 2020 at 16:58):

(You should also be able to put it somewhere in the tex directory hierarchy, but you will need to refresh your tex cache)

Heather Macbeth (Sep 12 2020 at 16:59):

I will take the easy hack over the ideologically pure method (but don't worry, I don't follow this philosophy when contributing to mathlib).

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