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Topic: Lars Brünjes

Lars Brünjes (Jan 29 2021 at 00:25):

Hi all, I just want to introduce myself. My name is Lars Brünjes, I am a German mathematician turned software engineer and educator, have been playing with Coq every now and again for the last 20 years and recently discovered Lean and want to give it a try.

Adam Topaz (Jan 29 2021 at 01:59):

Hi @Lars Brünjes ! Welcome! Just thought I would mention that I really like your work on nonstandard etale cohomology.

Lars Brünjes (Jan 29 2021 at 02:01):

Thanks a lot, @Adam Topaz ! That's very kind of you to say! I thought nobody gave a damn... :grinning:

Kevin Buzzard (Jan 29 2021 at 02:11):

We're slowly but surely making our way to standard etale cohomology in lean

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