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Topic: Lean discord

view this post on Zulip Gustav Kalander (Dec 30 2020 at 18:50):

There should be an open discord server about Lean because I like discord more :) would anyone like to make one?
And can I please join the Xena discord? I'm in first year.

view this post on Zulip Kevin Buzzard (Dec 30 2020 at 19:18):

I don't want to police an open server. I really like how things have worked out on the Xena server. People do livestreams and chat about a lot of off-topic stuff, there's music and surprise haikus. I was on the server 24/7 over the summer but now I don't have time to police it so I closed it off. I'll DM you an invite to Xena BTW. I will be using it to teach my graduate course next term and so I don't really just want randomers spamming stuff. Have you done any Natural Number Game?

view this post on Zulip Gustav Kalander (Dec 30 2020 at 19:52):

Thank you, and yes I have started the natural number game. its really well made! great job!

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