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Matt Wilbur (Jan 24 2021 at 13:44):

Hello everyone,

I am about as brand-new as one can be to this area. I am a software developer who has been trying to learn various aspects of mathematics on my own for years. One of my desires has been to use a computer to help me keep my proofs "honest" when I'm learning or trying to fill in the holes of a proof in a book or article since I have no guide or mentor to ask (e.g. I read "clearly P implies Q" and feel like I should go put on a dunce cap since it's not clear to me at all). I don't care if I have to translate an "elegant proof" down to it's most basic building blocks and combine them together if it means I'm learning more.

Thanks for reading this and thanks for making so much available online. I have spent the last few evenings working through the Natural Number game and have been just loving it.


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