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Topic: New to Lean, is there a way for me to help out?

Alan Hu (Jul 10 2021 at 03:49):

Hi, my name is Alan. I'm an undegrad interested in dependent type theory. Lean is exciting to me because it has performance in mind, and it seems to come from a different crowd of people than Coq/Agda/Idris. I would love to somehow contribute to the upcoming Lean 4 release. Is there any tasks that I can do as a newcomer? I have modern C++ experience, if that's necessary.

Johan Commelin (Jul 10 2021 at 07:25):

@Alan Hu One of the best things that you could help with is to fool around with Lean 4. Work on small hobby projects, put the system through its paces. This way you get to know Lean 4, and at the same time you can give feedback on your experience.

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