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Topic: Newbie expressing gratitude

view this post on Zulip Joel Healy (Dec 30 2020 at 17:39):

I know that the world is not even close to a perfect place to live, but I just want to say that I feel very privileged and grateful to live in a time and place where the opinions and advice of so many intelligent and experienced people are available to me at the press of a few buttons. Being able to interact with this group is such a benefit to me personally that would not have been possible if countless others throughout history had not struggled and persevered in much less accommodating circumstances. I feel like this group is operating in a really good place and time and I am thoroughly enjoying the experience. I hope some day that I might be able to contribute back something of some small value and that I am not perceived as being a drag in any way. Best wishes to everyone and happy Leaning to all you math geeks!

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