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Topic: Tutoring for leaning Lean 4 theorem prooving

Avi Craimer (Dec 20 2023 at 06:15):


I'm looking to pay somebody for one-on-one online tutoring in using Lean as a theorem prover.

I've been bashing my head against trying to learn Lean for a while. I'm starting to get the hang of using it as a functional programming language but the tactics proving language is still impenetrable to me despite my attempts to read the various educational resources on my own. I have a hundred noob questions that I'm sure could be answered over the course of a few sessions of one-on-one interaction with an experienced Lean proof writer.

Time zone wise, I live in Toronto (Eastern Standard Time).

If you are available, please DM me and let me know what you charge for an hour of private tutoring.

I have a couple of weeks off work over the holidays so it would great to get a couple of initial sessions in then as I'll have more time to practice.

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