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Topic: Twitch stream of Natural Number Game

Ryan McCorvie (Aug 12 2022 at 22:13):

Hi all! I'm a lean newbie, trying to come up to speed. To this end, I plan to play the natural number game on Sun Aug 14 at 4pm PT (11pm UTC) on my twitch stream. I mean, natural number game is a video game, right? If it sounds interesting, please come watch and join the chat. If this is a success I will try to stream other lean development projects in the future. https://www.twitch.tv/ryan_mccorvie

Junyan Xu (Aug 12 2022 at 22:37):

Kevin Buzzard (Aug 13 2022 at 05:52):

Unfortunately I'll be asleep at that time as will a bunch of the Europeans, but I totally agree that it's a video game

Patrick Johnson (Aug 13 2022 at 15:26):

Streaming Lean gameplay is a nice idea! However, given that Twitch is a platform that encourages sub-only content, I recommend you to keep all Lean related stuff 100% public and free, even in the future.

Ryan McCorvie (Aug 14 2022 at 22:53):

Going live in about 10 mins!

Ryan McCorvie (Aug 15 2022 at 00:35):

thanks to all who joined, got some great assists

Patrick Johnson (Aug 15 2022 at 10:14):

Does twitch allow you to make the recorded video available for those who didn't watch it live?

Ryan McCorvie (Aug 15 2022 at 15:14):

@Patrick Johnson yes I think so, but I'm a newbie at twitch as well as lean, and I forget to toggle that button

Kevin Buzzard (Aug 15 2022 at 19:17):

@Ryan McCorvie you could try the complex number game next! I'll add a link to make it playable via gitpod.

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