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Topic: Using Lean as the brain on the front end?

Jake (May 13 2020 at 01:39):

Let's say I have a web app that has a current state State accepts input from the user Input. I'm leaving out all the encoding and decoding that would be involved, but I want lean to handle the logic, ie i send the State and the Input to Lean and then Lean sends me back a new State. Can I do this on the front end somehow (is there a javascript version of Lean I could communicate with) or do I have to do this server-side?

Bryan Gin-ge Chen (May 13 2020 at 01:41):

It's possible, but not easy. There is a webassembly version of the Lean server. See also this recent thread which is very related.

Nam (May 13 2020 at 02:29):

if you are adventurous enough, you might be able to use Lean 4 to convert .lean to .c

Jake (May 13 2020 at 02:42):

if this works out then maybe :slight_smile:

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