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Topic: finishing off an inequality

Ryan Duan (Sep 14 2022 at 18:19):

I've gotten to this point in my proof, w * w ≤ 3 ^ 2 and I have hypothesis w <= 3, there should be a really easy way to finish it off, right? mul_le_mul just complicates things

Newell Jensen (Sep 14 2022 at 18:28):

Think you posted to wrong thread.

Ryan Duan (Sep 14 2022 at 18:46):

yeah that's my bad, wrong thread

Kyle Miller (Sep 14 2022 at 19:03):

@Ryan Duan I've moved your message to this new topic. Zulip organizes messages into topics (like this one), which are a part of a stream (like #new members)

Kevin Buzzard (Sep 14 2022 at 19:51):

what if w=1000000w=-1000000? If that's not allowed for some reason then can you post a #mwe so we can see the question you're actually asking? MWEs are by far the best way to ask good questions.

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