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Topic: invalid import: topology.basic

Parivash (Jan 13 2023 at 01:26):

How can I fix this issue? Screen-Shot-2023-01-12-at-8.23.15-PM.png

Notification Bot (Jan 13 2023 at 01:52):

A message was moved here from #new members > Real functions as vector spaces by Eric Wieser.

Kevin Buzzard (Jan 13 2023 at 07:38):

Did you look at the URL generated by the error?

Eric Wieser (Jan 13 2023 at 10:53):

Also, please make a new thread next time rather than posting in an unrelated thread. We can move posts that end up in the wrong place, but it would be better if we didn't have to!

Last updated: Dec 20 2023 at 11:08 UTC