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Topic: mathlib install

PV (Apr 11 2020 at 15:02):

I have the windows 10 store install of python3 and once I remove the aliases I can't seem to find the location that I need to add to git bash path to continue the install. Any chance someone knows where the store version gets installed? Can't seem to find an easy answer looking around.

PV (Apr 11 2020 at 15:37):

Note: I did pivot to just doing the install in windows 10 ubuntu wsl (worked great) as I could not seem to get around the strange windows 10 store python install. Maybe that is not supported way to go.

Shing Tak Lam (Apr 12 2020 at 03:02):

Wow. There is a Windows Store version of Python?

Shing Tak Lam (Apr 12 2020 at 03:03):

Anyways, it's installed in C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\PythonSoftwareFoundation.Python.3.8_3.8.752.0_x64__qbz5n2kfra8p0

Shing Tak Lam (Apr 12 2020 at 03:04):

I think the bit at the end is a hash? so it may be different for everyone. Also you might need to mess with permissions to access that folder. So WSL is probably a better idea. Or just install from the website.

Edit: Or anaconda.

Andrew Ashworth (Apr 12 2020 at 03:38):

I can't recommend enough using a pre-compiled binary distribution on Windows like conda

Andrew Ashworth (Apr 12 2020 at 03:38):

Python on Windows is compiled with some ancient version of Visual Studio; it's a huge pain, do not recommend

Andrew Ashworth (Apr 12 2020 at 03:39):

even the development version of Python shipped with Visual Studio uses Anaconda's conda under the hood

PV (Apr 12 2020 at 03:47):

The wsl install with the remote vscode extension is great. Good point on using conda though for a windows only install.

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