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Evie (Nov 25 2022 at 14:33):

Is there an example somewhere, or an easy way to get a nix shell going with the compiler and tooling? I'm running NixOS, but I want to use vim rather than Emacs/VSCode. I don't really care much about having a nix build -- I'm fine just building locally/manually and bypass nix entirely while doing dev/learning/etc.

Mauricio Collares (Nov 25 2022 at 14:54):

Installing elan from Nixpkgs and letting it manage Lean versions is the easiest way to get started (i.e., nix-shell -p elan -p mathlibtools) but the main Lean 4 repo is a flake if you want to hack on core Lean itself.

Evie (Nov 25 2022 at 14:57):

Oh, and is elan nix aware? I didn't expect it would work on NixOS.

Mauricio Collares (Nov 25 2022 at 17:25):

The version from Nixpkgs is! It's really cool.

Johan Commelin (Nov 25 2022 at 17:53):

@Evie elan is written by a NixOS user.

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