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Topic: non-master branch access to mathlib

MohanadAhmed (Apr 06 2023 at 16:33):

Hello everyone
I have been learning a bit of lean. Currently working on some linear algebra proofs with @Eric Wieser. I need access to complete the lemmas related to inverse with reindexing in https://github.com/leanprover-community/mathlib/pull/18738.

As I learn a bit more I hope to be able to contribute more in linear algebra and probability and stochastic processes

Eric Wieser (Apr 06 2023 at 17:17):

I've granted you (@MohanadAhmed) write permission!

Eric Wieser (Apr 06 2023 at 17:18):

(I realize it may seem silly me asking you to post here only to then grant access myself, but it makes it easier to search for why people were granted access)

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