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Topic: spring class for beginners in Lean

David⚛️ (Feb 10 2023 at 12:51):

Hello Patrick,
I'm a student that got introduced to Lean some days ago.
I wanna join the spring class for beginners in Lean.
I have zero experience in Lean.
Thank you.

Eric Wieser (Feb 10 2023 at 12:56):

Was this intended as a private message for one of the Patricks on this server?

David⚛️ (Feb 10 2023 at 12:59):

yea exactly. But I'm open to getting help from anybody.
I really need help understanding Lean as a beginner

Notification Bot (Feb 10 2023 at 13:01):

This topic was moved here from #lean4 > Lean 3 by Eric Wieser.

Eric Wieser (Feb 10 2023 at 13:02):

I don't think anyone beside the Patrick you were trying to message can help you join "the spring class"

Eric Wieser (Feb 10 2023 at 13:15):

Looks like this was intended for @Patrick Kinnear regarding https://www.maths.ed.ac.uk/~pkinnear/leancourse/

Patrick Kinnear (Feb 10 2023 at 15:46):

Hi David, I will respond to you by private message.

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