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view this post on Zulip Bryan Gin-ge Chen (Aug 30 2018 at 19:46):

I noticed some updates to lean-stacks-project today. In case this helps, I wanted to share a fork I played with a few weeks ago where I also tried to update it to work with more recent mathlib commits. See the testing branch here which builds successfullly with mathlib at commit b267edc (from July 16-17). Here's the relevant page of the mathlib commit history for reference.

I tried bumping the mathlib commit to a0dd286 (since that seems to be the next one in the history with a green Travis CI checkmark) but I couldn't figure out how to fix the resulting issues in tensor_product. The same issues seem to be present in the master branch of lean-stacks-project as well. So I think whatever's going on there was caused by one of these changes between those two commits.

Anyways, I'm curious to understand better what happened there and what the eventual fix will be.

view this post on Zulip Kevin Buzzard (Aug 30 2018 at 19:53):

Hi. I'm the maintainer. I tried today to get the project to compile with the latest mathlib, I'm something like one sorry away. I'm trying to put together a paper about this stuff. I seem to have two options: try publishing in a CS place, which would involve tidying the code up, or in a maths place, which might well not. I might try a maths journal, I am far keener to tell mathematicians that schemes can be formalised than to tell computer scientists that something they don't care about can be formalised, because they know that already.

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