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Stream: Lean Together 2019

Topic: Dinner on Sunday

Gabriel Ebner (Jan 06 2019 at 17:22):

So, who would like to meet up for dinner? Jeremy suggested https://deveranda.nl/ in the other topic. Since everybody seems to be heading to de Hortus afterwards, how about something more in the center? Yesterday we saw a nice Indonesian place: http://www.restaurantdesa.com/

Mario Carneiro (Jan 06 2019 at 17:33):

sounds good to me

Rob Lewis (Jan 06 2019 at 17:46):

I'm gonna skip dinner, but I'll see you all at de Hortus, or tomorrow morning!

Gabriel Ebner (Jan 06 2019 at 17:48):

Ok, so how about 19:30 at Dèsa? It takes about 30 minutes from Amsterdam Forest Hotel to Dèsa and 20 minutes from Dèsa to de Hortus.

Kenny Lau (Jan 06 2019 at 18:56):

Chris and I have arrived at Schiphol

Kenny Lau (Jan 06 2019 at 18:57):

where should we go?

Rob Lewis (Jan 06 2019 at 19:02):

You've probably missed dinner with Gabriel and Mario. We're meeting at https://www.dehortus.nl/ in 30 min to walk around the light show. But they close at 10, won't be a lot of time if you go to the hotel first.

Jakob von Raumer (Jan 06 2019 at 19:42):

I just got some fries from Frietfabrik, close to the Forest Hotel. Definitely recommendable, if you want something to take away...

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