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Stream: Lean for teaching

Topic: Formalize!(?)

Kevin Buzzard (Jan 16 2021 at 15:38):

As part of world logic day there's a conference called Formalise!(?) https://sites.google.com/view/wldzurich2021/startseite and the second half of the conference (in a couple of hours) will have me and also Paola Iannone/Athina Thoma talking about using Lean in education.

Rob Lewis (Jan 16 2021 at 15:59):

I take it their schedule has changed? I just joined for the 5pm talk by Peter and caught the last 30 seconds

Kevin Buzzard (Jan 16 2021 at 16:08):

The 4:30 speaker didn't show up :-(

Kevin Buzzard (Jan 16 2021 at 16:08):

(yet -- computer problems)

EricGT (Jan 16 2021 at 17:15):

Is there a link to view this later?

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