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Topic: Lean club student org

Tyler Josephson ⚛️ (Jul 11 2023 at 21:30):

I usually see Lean being taught in courses or workshops. I’m curious if anyone has organized a “Lean club” student organization at their university? Something like a chess club or reading group for folks of different levels to gather and learn Lean / write proofs.

Eric Wieser (Jul 11 2023 at 21:50):

@Yaël Dillies and/or @Bhavik Mehta organize one (or used to) at Cambridge I believe

James Gallicchio (Jul 11 2023 at 21:53):

we had/have one (or two?) at CMU :) might start more next semester

Patrick Massot (Jul 11 2023 at 22:02):

Sure, Kevin Buzzard has been doing it since 2017!

Kevin Buzzard (Jul 11 2023 at 22:13):

It's still going, every Thursday during Imperial's term 5-8. Won't start again until Oct though.

Bhavik Mehta (Jul 11 2023 at 22:14):

Eric Wieser said:

Yaël Dillies and/or Bhavik Mehta organize one (or used to) at Cambridge I believe

Ed, Wojciech and I started one about four years ago, I think Yaël runs it these days during term time

Tyler Josephson ⚛️ (Jul 12 2023 at 00:39):

Okay, thanks everyone! Any tips? Is it just student-led after getting a critical mass of interested students? What kinds of things happen at these gatherings?

Kevin Buzzard (Jul 12 2023 at 11:08):

My club nights are random, sometimes there are a ton of people working on something, sometimes it's just a few people having a chat.

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