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Julien Narboux (Mar 02 2020 at 08:49):

Dear Lean users,

Gilles Dowek is coordinating the submission of a European project (25
participating sites) aiming at creating an online encyclopedia of formal proofs
(named Logipedia) allowing the exchange of formal proofs between different systems.
In this framework, we are setting up a "Club of users in education" and a "Club of academic
users" interested in Logipedia.
The first one is a think tank on the use of proof assistants in the classroom.
The second brings together researchers who would be potential users of such an encyclopedia in their research. We are especially looking for outsiders: researchers in maths or other science who think they need formal proofs or formal statements.

In both cases, the requested investment is light: participation (as far as possible) in two meetings over the 4 years of the project (expression of needs
and evaluation of results), and participation in the dissemination/training around the project in your circles (mathematicians, university or secondary school teachers, ...).

Do you agree to be part of either of these two clubs? The academic users' club will be led by Benedikt Ahrens (b.ahrens@cs.bham.ac.uk). and the club of users in education will be led by Julien Narboux (narboux@unistra.fr).

Julien Narboux

Kevin Buzzard (Mar 02 2020 at 09:01):

I told Julien by email a few days ago that I'd be part of this.

Johan Commelin (Mar 02 2020 at 09:01):

I told Benedikt by email a few days ago that I'd be part of this.

Kevin Buzzard (Mar 02 2020 at 09:02):

Yeah I told Benedikt too :-)

Kevin Buzzard (Mar 02 2020 at 09:02):

but that's off topic for this thread ;-)

Patrick Massot (Mar 02 2020 at 13:02):

Same for me.

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