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Stream: Lean for teaching

Topic: Making this stream public

Kevin Buzzard (Mar 25 2022 at 11:40):

Do you think this stream should be made public? I strongly think it should. Disclaimer: within a few days I will create a thread about how my current course went and if this stream is public I will probably tweet about the thread. But independent of that there is a lot going on right now. There's this thing at the Fields Institute (see recent thread) and this thing at Loughborough (Learning mathematics with Lean thread) and although the Fields Institute thing is supposed to be about theorem provers in general, it is completely dominated by Lean talks. Making this stream public might open the Zulip up to a new crowd some of whom might want to become part of the conversation.

Rob Lewis (Mar 25 2022 at 13:20):


Edward Ayers (Mar 25 2022 at 14:15):


Kevin Buzzard (Mar 25 2022 at 15:15):

oh lol sorry, I mentioned you in a post I didn't send yet, but Zulip said I should subscribe you so I did :-)

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