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Stream: Lean for teaching

Topic: experience with GH classroom or equivalent

Julian Berman (Aug 24 2022 at 18:25):

I haven't used groups specifically, but in a general sense last semester I found GitHub classroom to be very... unpolished, to be generous, so I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case. A similar thing was true for student rosters, you can't even modify them after a sync with the LMS without blowing a bunch of stuff away.

Julian Berman (Aug 24 2022 at 18:25):

Asking on the teaching GH discussion board though was helpful in a case or two, if no one knows here you might want to ask there.

Julian Berman (Aug 24 2022 at 18:27):


Matthew Ballard (Aug 24 2022 at 18:54):

Done. Thanks for pointing that out.

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