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Topic: overview

Johan Commelin (Jan 04 2023 at 17:19):

I think I saw a list on Zulip of places/courses that have used Lean for teaching. But I can't find it.
Can/should we have a central overview on the website?

Johan Commelin (Jan 04 2023 at 17:19):

Many people have been sharing their experiences. It would also be good to gather these. Even if it's just a compiled list of zulip posts.

Johan Commelin (Jan 04 2023 at 17:20):

A website with "Do's and dont's" would be quite helpful, I think

Siddhartha Gadgil (Jan 05 2023 at 02:43):

My course has started yesterday: http://math.iisc.ac.in/~gadgil/proofs-and-programs-2023/index.html

Will share experiences as I go along. To start: docgen4 is a great asset allowing notes on the fly.

James Gallicchio (Jan 05 2023 at 02:54):

Is there an easy place to host information on this? Maybe we make a new git repo and use the wiki? :)

Johan Commelin (Jan 05 2023 at 06:48):

I would prefer for this information to be integrated in the community website

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