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Topic: teaching resources on website

Rob Lewis (Oct 20 2023 at 18:17):

@Patrick Massot and I updated the community website this week with some resources about teaching with Lean, including a redesign of the courses page. https://leanprover-community.github.io/teaching/index.html

Rob Lewis (Oct 20 2023 at 18:17):

We're very happy to take suggestions and improvements! And if your course isn't in the list, please make a PR to add it

Kevin Buzzard (Oct 20 2023 at 21:20):

Oh this looks great! Thank you both so much!

Martin Dvořák (Oct 22 2023 at 13:58):

We should merge "intro to proof" with "intro to proofs".

Also, should we all tag our course with the language (English, Spanish, ...)? Or all non-English courses?

Patrick Massot (Oct 22 2023 at 14:02):

The "intro to proofs" vs "intro to proof" is clearly a typo that I will fix right away. The language tag is only for courses that are not in English.

Martin Dvořák (Oct 22 2023 at 14:03):

OK, I'll tag mine with Czech and remove the redundant info from the description.

Patrick Massot (Oct 22 2023 at 14:03):

And guess who messed up with the "intro to proof" tag?

Martin Dvořák (Oct 22 2023 at 14:04):

I did.

Martin Dvořák (Oct 24 2023 at 14:50):

What about creating a "pre-uni" tag? People might want to filter for that.

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